Hi everyone!

We have some amazing news about the Argentina Moth Worlds 2022.

First of all, we want to tell you that with the Class Executive Committee we have decided to modify the date of the regatta and delay it one more week from the original date. We won’t  make any other modifications to the date.

🗓The date will be: November 28th – December 4th. 

The registration will be opening very soon. We estimate by end of march. There is going to be an early entry fee and also, for those registering earlier, the chance to be considered for the logistic benefits.

For those interested in cheap accommodation we created a sailor2sailor system. In which different local sailors offer their houses, apartments, or rooms for the championship.

If you are interested on it, you can fill out the application form:


Regarding sponsorship we want to say welcome to LÖWE a real estate development company especially focus on Buenos Aires and Miami markets.

Finally, together with Yago Lange, we want to invite you to a Wing Foil trip to La Patagonia after the Worlds (🗓 this will be December 5th to 10th). This requires previous experience in Wing Foil.

If you are interested on it, you can fill out the application form:


Don’t forget that you can write to our communication channels and also that you can check our previous messages on the group WhatsApp information

📸Ig: motharg

📨@: Info@motharg.com

📲: Also to this number

Lots of things happening one thing to assure, this will be a great event!‼️‼️‼️