Equipment registration

The equipment registration process will be via the previously used online tool.

The link to the system is:

If you have not used this before you will need to register. Please note that there is a specific link for people using Safari as their browser due to compatibility issues with the authentication provider. (see picture below)

You will need to have uploaded and registered your equipment for the event by 20:00 Friday 9th June.

  • New users will be asked to create a boat (select the link and fill in the details) and then upload the measurement form/certificate for your boat.
  • Existing users if you have an old boat/equipment, you can select the item and then “deactivate” these if you choose (noting new owners may want these certificates!)
  • Please do NOT upload your insurance details – we do NOT want/require the certificates.
  • You will then be able to add “parts” for sails, masts and foils (sails will again prompt you to upload the form)
  • Please ensure that if you use tow pro masts that whilst you add them as single masts you use the “Not Listed” option in order to create a representative name for a top and bottom section combination.  For instance if you had 2 x Tow Pro masts configurations – 1 x 0.5 base & 0.5 tip + 1 x 0.5 base & 1 tip you might wish to create 2 x masts called:
    • “Towpro 0.5 base & 0.5 tip”
    • “Towpro 0.5 base & 1 tip”

This obviously doesn’t preclude mixing and matching combinations and does not affect spot checking as when measurers scan any boat sticker they are able to view a competitors’ entire checked in equipment list to see that the combination is valid. For each mast 2 stickers are printed to attach to the tip and the base.

  • We suggest you use descriptive names for your foils that are helpful for both yourself and measurers during spot checks, e.g. Main foil 2.1, Main foil V4, etc, large main foil, small main foil, TowPro 0.5 top, TowPro 1 Bottom, etc.
  • If you lose a sticker during the event please contact the organisers for a new sticker to be issued.

Fundamental measurement

Please read if you need anything measuring for the Worlds.

World’s Fundamental Measurement service

IMCA UK will be providing a limited fundamental measurement service to cater for competitors who have not had equipment measured or have no certificates/forms for their sails or boat.

For those new to the class if you have a new sail or boat it does NOT come measured so you need to have it measured to comply with the Moth Class rules.

You will need to register your sail measurement forms andbaot form/certificate in an online app (details to follow) before registering for the Worlds on Saturday 10th/Sunday 11th June.

IMCA UK will NOT be providing the fundamental measurement service on the equipment registration days for the Worlds (10th/11th June).

Please note that the measurers are also competitors and are giving up time to measure your boat/sails.

Measurement is being provided on most days starting on Saturday 4th June. Typically measurement will be undertaken between 09:00 and 11:00.

Sail Measurement

The plan is to provide this each day from Saturday 3rd June through to Friday 9th June, subject to demand.

Boat Measurement

Subject to demand., the plan is that boat measurement will be provided on:

Sunday 4th June

Monday 5th June

Tuesday 6th June

Friday 9th June

If you require measurement for a sail or boat please send a mail to stating

• Which day you would like to measure you sails/boat (based on schedule above)

• Boat/sail number

• Boat design (if applicable)

• Number of sails and manufacturer

You will need to pay for your slot before it is confirmed.

Once we have received both your request and payment, we will confirm the time that you need to present your equipment. If you miss your slot that is your issue. We are unlikely to be able to accommodate a change in time/day.

The links for payment are below PLEASE take care to ensure that you select the correct link for what you need measured:

Description Payment link


Boat AND 1 (ONE) sail

Boat AND 2 (TWO) Sails

1 Sail ONLY

2 Sails ONLY

Each sail and boat uses a “slot” and so a boat only is 1 “slot”, boat and sail is 2 “slots”, boat and 2 sails 3 “slots”. The cost of a slot is £30

Please book your slot early so we know the resources required and be aware that on average we anticipate measuring around 20-25 sails per day so resource is limited!

In the event that there is less demand for one of the days we reserve the right to move your measurement to another day but will do so in consultation with you.

Thank you for your cooperation with this and we look forward to assisting those needing fundamental measurement for their equipment.