Shipping & Containers

You can bring your boat to race 2022 Moth Worlds in several ways. In this sheet, we comment on some of them and contemplate times and costs.

The most important thing is that if you are already thinking of coming, do not delay this issue because times are long, and we must work on all the documentation so that your boat arrives at 2022 Moth Worlds. 


Championship Logistics Program:

  • The logistics program includes two 40-foot containers round trip to Buenos Aires. 
  • The departure date will be around the first days of September. 
  • The locations are Malcesine and Weymouth


By plane Cargo:

In this case, you want to bring your box by cargo. Please get in touch with us, and we will help you.


By plane as luggage:

Airlines such as American Airlines, Iberia, Lufthansa, KLM, and AirSwiss allow you to carry your packed moth in two parts as sports equipment at a relatively low cost (200 each way). We have traveled in this way to several Moth Worlds. The only condition is that your moth should be a soft wing boat. This means you will arrive at the Ezeiza airport with your moth. For more details, contact our contact email:

For your boats to arrive on time, we need to send documents to Argentine customs, so we ask you to submit your registration and the following form before August 19 ( 



Due to temporary import regulations in Argentina, it is essential to clarify that once we receive your form, the boat must be in the container on the loading date. 


If you do not confirm before August 19, you can only come by Airfreight. 

Logistic Program terms & conditions

Upon payment of the entry fee and subject to the terms and conditions set below (and as otherwise and informed by YCA), each competitor may send the boats through the Regata official containers at a price of USD 500. The price includes the round trip from Weymouth or Malcesine to the Yacht Club Argentino located in Buenos Aires and only for the purpose of sending the Moth to participate in the 2022 Moth Worlds to be hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The container costs assumed by Yacht Club Argentino will not include penalties, taxes, or another cost in relation to delays or infringement of any of the participants.

Each of the participants shall be responsible for complying with all the applicable laws, including but not limited to customs – importation and exportation – regulations. Each participant shall be fully liable to YCA and/or the other participant for any delay, or cost it might occur due to such infringement or caused by any of the participants negligent or willful misconduct. All the equipment (including boat, mast, sails, foils, and moth parts) declared at the origin port and/or sent to the port of Buenos Aires must be sent back to its origin port. No sailor participating in such container shall be able to sell or leave in Buenos Aires any of the equipment declared in the containers, being fully responsible for any damage or loss caused to YCA and to each of the participants in the container.

The container shall be coordinated and provided at YCA’s exclusive and sole discretion, and shall be subject to a minimum number of participants per each of the container (10 boats).

This document and information which is being shared by YCA shall not be interpreted and/or shall not constitute an offer for container financing access or shipping services, and a sailor with interest in access to the logistic program shall previously communicate its intention to YCA through its entry form (or as otherwise mutually agreed with YCA). YCA, in its sole and exclusive opinion, shall have the right to reject or accept any request for possible container and/or logistic program.

YCA shall not be responsible for containers cancellations or delays, damages to the boats or equipment, third party faults, or infringements, including but not limited to an infringement of any of the participants to applicable laws. Clarifying YCA’s role in the logistic program is only limited to container coordination.